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Join us in shaping the future of traffic intelligence. As our partner, you'll be at the forefront of this dynamic field, leveraging our cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation and success.
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What we offer to our partners?
We help our clients to develop their businesses rapidly and successfully
Products for resale and distribution
Promote 7G solutions for your clients and get the % of the contract revenue
Mutual revenue share
For some products it is possible to work under the Revenue share scheme
Add new data source
Enrichment of platforms with data sources and new technologies
Transfer of technologies
Implement a new solutions in the country, co-founding the new regional leader in IT for LEA and telco
Why work with 7Generation?
Deep Expertise in traffic Intelligence
Opening valuable insights through analysis of encrypted traffic and telco data
Enrichment and upsale
Integrate solutions and data sources by 7Generation in the platforms for your customers
Customization and education
We are opened for the customer's request and offer the training programs for partners and end users
Technology leadership
7Generation builds the products using the latest technologies on the market and new experimental solutions
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