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Traffic Processing and Analysis: insights for government and business
We help telecom operators to make data-driven business decisions and comply with data interception laws
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Transforming data into insights
At 7Generation, we leverage cutting-edge technology to turn complex data into actionable intelligence.
Big Data Analytics
Harness the power of big data with our advanced analytics tools and services, designed to process and analyze large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences.
Traffic Intelligence
Enhance your network performance and security with our traffic intelligence solutions, offering DPI probe and collection of data traffic across various communication channels.
Lawful Interception
Ensure legal compliance and security with our lawful interception services, providing authorized agencies the tools to intercept and analyze communications.
Advanced analytics for the digital age
7Generation is at the forefront of digital innovation, offering specialized solutions that cater to the evolving needs of data-driven industries.
Deep packet inspection solutions
Our advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) technology is a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies. By analyzing telecommunication data, our DPI solutions help in uncovering valuable insights, aiding in investigations and enhancing public safety. These insights can be crucial for understanding communication patterns, detecting potential threats, and ensuring a safer digital environment.
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Target audience data creation for telecom ads
We specialize in assisting telecommunications companies in generating precise target audience data for their advertising initiatives. Our analytics tools not only enable these companies to optimize their own marketing efforts but also empower their B2B clients to conduct more effective and targeted marketing campaigns. By leveraging this data, telecom companies and their clients can achieve higher engagement rates, improved ROI on ad spend, and more successful campaign outcomes.
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Cryptocurrency transaction analysis
Stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of digital currencies with our cryptocurrency transaction analysis tools. Our systems offer deep insights into transaction patterns, helping to identify trends, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance in the crypto space.
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AI/ML to enhance traffic analysis capabilities and take new functionalities.
Elevate your traffic management systems with our cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies designed to revolutionize traffic analysis and operational efficiency. Our solutions go beyond traditional methods, from empowering traffic analysis with new level of accuracy to creating state of the art applications for targeting and advertisement. By integrating our custom developed AI/ML-driven tools we create outstanding telecom strategies.
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About us
For over 9 years, we have been at the forefront of data analysis and intelligence solutions.

We specialize in creating advanced solutions tailored for law enforcement agencies, telecommunications companies, and financial institutions.

Throughout our existence, we have established a reputation for excellence and dependability.
  • 35 Petabytes

    Amount of stored data
  • 150+

    Data centers
  • 5750 Gb/s

    Current rate of traffic flow analysis
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